Press Release

Date: May 23 2017


Sarah Dubord-Gagnon

Group Coordinator

Phone: 00 45 31 48 69 15

Danish clean energy company launching campaign featuring groundbreaking energy island

 Put your energy in the right place; This is the message shared by Danish clean energy company HowardScott.

Through the life of 86 years old actor Mr. Agostino, a born and raised resident of Graciosa island, discover the inspiration and the possibilities behind HowardScott’s vision.

This moving video was shot on the Portuguese island of Graciosa in the Azores where HowardScott and its technical partners have financed and installed renewable energy technologies providing 70% of renewable penetration to the island meaning diesel savings of EUR 2m per year.

The installations consist of a 4.5 MW wind park, a 1MW solar park and a 3.2MWh/6.0MW battery energy storage system – making Graciosa the most intelligent energy island on the planet. There are no more reasons for industries not to shift to clean energy.

HowardScott is proud to release its brand video sharing a message to the world. The planet is our legacy, energy is part of our everyday life. It is possible, affordable and commercially viable to make the best out of renewable energy for the sake of our future. HowardScott thinks Positive Energy, we have the capability, our clients have the will – the big green bang starts now.


We provide clean energy solutions

 Copenhagen based company HowardScott provides turnkey clean energy solutions from data analytics to implementation of clean energy technologies, through financing and maintenance.

“Through years of research and experience in the market we came to the conclusion that what makes it possible for industry to switch to clean energy is a global solution. There are several great technologies out there but to get results, improve operational efficiency and generate energy savings, industries need a global solution architecture and integration through an appropriate energy management system,” says Scott Macaw, head of business development at HowardScott.

That is what HowardScott does, around the world. Positive and bankable clean energy solutions.

This video was produced by the Canadian production company

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