The way we work

STEP 1: Understand goals and challenges

We pride ourselves on being able to quickly understand our clients objectives and challenges within clean energy and sustainability goals. Research begins before we meet and the important process of communication and interaction is ongoing. Understanding your goals and challenges is a key component of our success.

STEP 2: Define the needs

Once we have understood yours goals and challenges we will define the scope of your needs together with you. We will work together with you in order to understand issues ranging from operations and technical requirements through to financial and practical considerations.
Clarity around your needs and expectations is essential.

STEP 3: Advanced data analytics

In order to design a solution we need to understand the energy parameters of your business which is typically done through collecting data through smart sensors.
The data is then broken down and analysed. The results are presented clearly in written reports which are shared with you and our findings fully explained.

STEP 4: Solution architecture

We work closely with the sharpest minds globally to design tailor made clean energy solutions meeting your needs. This includes sourcing reliable technology which we can integrate to deliver the solution. We will discuss the proposed solution with you in depth until there is a clear understanding about the proposal and what benefits will be delivered.

STEP 5: Implementation

Implementing the solutions requires the highest levels of capability in project management and integration skills. This is the case whether we are looking at something simple like moving to LED lighting combined with smart controllers all the way through to integrating complex micro-grid systems on islands or in areas with intermittent power supply.

STEP 6: Enjoy cost savings and Co2 reductions

We deliver fully operational and tested clean energy solutions to our clients. We offer ongoing operation and maintenance as well as guarantees at the highest industry standards. The fact that we fully finance our solutions provides our clients with the comfort and assurance that we stand behind our realizations. You can sit back and enjoy the benefits.